Mechano-acoustic sensing devices and methods

Jae-Woong Jeong (Inventor), John A Rogers (Inventor), Yuhao (Howard) Liu (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Various embodiments of the present technology include a soft, conformal class of device configured specifically for mechano-acoustic recording from the skin, capable of being used on nearly any part of the body, in forms that maximize detectable signals and allow for multimodal operation, such as electrophysiological recording. Some embodiments can be configured for use in cardiovascular diagnostics, implantable device diagnostics, and human-machine interfaces (HMIs). In some embodiments, a conformal sensing device for measuring mechano-acoustic recording from skin of a human subject can include a mechano-acoustic sensor, a wireless transmitter, a flexible housing, and/or one or more electrodes.
Original languageEnglish (US)
U.S. patent number11154232
Filing date11/14/18
StatePublished - Oct 26 2021


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