Measurements of Optical Fibers and Devices: Theory and Experiments

Giovanni Cancellieri, Umberto Ravaioli

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Measurements in Optical Fibers and Devices provides the reader with the necessary background for interpreting measurement results and gives engineers clear solutions to practical problems in fiber optics. Measurements in Optical Fibers and Devices reviews the fundamentals of fiber optics and opto-electronic devices for telecommunications, and examines lab and field measurement techniques. The book is intended not only for experienced engineers interested in measurement, but for a wide range of readers who want an advanced introduction to fiber optics. The current literature has been carefully reviewed to provide the latest research findings. The book covers the theory of light propagation in ideal fibers using both ray-optics and electromagnetic models. Attenuation, dispersion, geometrical, and refractive index measurements are disucssed. Multimode fibers are thoroughly studied and a chapter has been devoted to monomode fiber measurements to explain this fast-deveoping subfield of fiber optics. Other areas discussed are scanning techniques for laser and LED radiation patterns and communication systems using optical fibers. Appendices illustrate equipment ranging from the familiar to the exotic. Measurements in Optical Fibers and Devices offers the latest research in fiber optics in a clear, straightforward manner. No other book presents so throughly the devices and measurement techniques of this fast-growing field. Working engineers and technicians, and students about to enter the field will find the book invaluable.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Place of PublicationBoston
PublisherArtech House
Number of pages496
ISBN (Print)9780890061336
StatePublished - 1984

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