Measurement of the proton and deuteron structure functions, Fp2 and Fd2, and of the ratio σLT

M. Arneodo, A. Arvidson, B. Badełek, M. Ballintijn, G. Baum, J. Beaufays, I. G. Bird, P. Björkholm, M. Botje, C. Broggini, W. Brückner, A. Brüll, W. J. Burger, J. Ciborowski, R. Van Dantzig, A. Dyring, H. Engelien, M. I. Ferrero, L. Fluri, U. GaulT. Granier, M. Grosse-Perdekamp, D. Von Harrach, M. Van Der Heijden, C. Heusch, Q. Ingram, M. De Jong, E. M. Kabuß, R. Kaiser, T. J. Ketel, F. Klein, S. Kullander, U. Landgraf, T. Lindqvist, G. K. Mallot, C. Mariotti, G. Van Middelkoop, A. Milsztajn, Y. Mizuno, A. Most, A. Mücklich, J. Nassalski, D. Nowotny, J. Oberski, A. Paić, C. Peroni, B. Povh, K. Prytz, R. Rieger, K. Rith, K. Röhrich, E. Rondio, L. Ropelewski, A. Sandacz, D. Sanders, C. Scholz, R. Seitz, F. Sever, T. A. Shibata, M. Siebler, A. Simon, A. Staiano, M. Szleper, W. Tłaczała, Y. Tzamouranis, M. Virchaux, J. L. Vuilleumier, T. Walcher, R. Windmolders, A. Witzmann, K. Zaremba, F. Zetsche

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


The muon-proton and muon-deuteron inclusive deep inelastic scattering cross sections were measured in the kinematic range 0.002 < × < 0.60 and 0.5 < Q2 < 75 GeV2 at incident muon energies of 90, 120, 200 and 280 GeV. These results are based on the full data set collected by the New Muon Collaboration, including the data taken with a small angle trigger. The extracted values of the structure functions Fp2 and Fd2 are in good agreement with those from other experiments. The data cover a sufficient range of y to allow the determination of the ratio of the longitudinally to transversely polarised virtual photon absorption cross sections, R = σLT, for 0.002 < × < 0.12. The values of R are compatible with a perturbative QCD prediction; they agree with earlier measurements and extend to smaller x.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)3-43
Number of pages41
JournalNuclear Physics B
Issue number1-2
StatePublished - Jan 6 1997

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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    Arneodo, M., Arvidson, A., Badełek, B., Ballintijn, M., Baum, G., Beaufays, J., Bird, I. G., Björkholm, P., Botje, M., Broggini, C., Brückner, W., Brüll, A., Burger, W. J., Ciborowski, J., Van Dantzig, R., Dyring, A., Engelien, H., Ferrero, M. I., Fluri, L., ... Zetsche, F. (1997). Measurement of the proton and deuteron structure functions, Fp2 and Fd2, and of the ratio σLT. Nuclear Physics B, 483(1-2), 3-43.