Measurement of the Branching Ratios of D+ and D+s Hadronic Decays to Four-Body Final States Containing a KS

FOCUS Collaboration

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We have studied hadronic four-body decays of D+ and D+s mesons with a KS in the final state using data recorded during the 1996-1997 fixed-target run of the Fermilab high energy photoproduction experiment FOCUS. We report a new branching ratio measurement of Γ(D+ → KSKπ+π+)/Γ(D+ → KSπ+π+π) = 0.0768 ± 0.0041 ± 0.0032. We make the first observation of three new decay modes with branching ratios Γ(D+ → KSK+π+π)/Γ(D+ → KSπ+π+π) = 0.0562 ± 0.0039 ± 0.0040, Γ(D+ → KSK+Kπ+)/Γ(D+ → KSπ+π+π) = 0.0077 ± 0.0015 ± 0.0009, and Γ(D+s → KSK+π+π)/Γ(D+s → KSKπ+π+) = 0.586 ± 0.052 ± 0.043, where in each case the first error is statistical and the second error is systematic.

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JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number16
StatePublished - Oct 15 2001

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