Measurement of angular distributions of Drell-Yan dimuons in p+p interactions at 800GeV/c

L. Y. Zhu, J. C. Peng, P. E. Reimer, T. C. Awes, M. L. Brooks, C. N. Brown, J. D. Bush, T. A. Carey, T. H. Chang, W. E. Cooper, C. A. Gagliardi, G. T. Garvey, D. F. Geesaman, E. A. Hawker, X. C. He, L. D. Isenhower, D. M. Kaplan, S. B. Kaufman, S. A. Klinksiek, D. D. KoetkeD. M. Lee, W. M. Lee, M. J. Leitch, N. Makins, P. L. McGaughey, J. M. Moss, B. A. Mueller, P. M. Nord, V. Papavassiliou, B. K. Park, G. Petitt, M. E. Sadler, W. E. Sondheim, P. W. Stankus, T. N. Thompson, R. S. Towell, R. E. Tribble, M. A. Vasiliev, J. C. Webb, J. L. Willis, D. K. Wise, G. R. Young

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We report a measurement of the angular distributions of Drell-Yan dimuons produced using an 800GeV/c proton beam on a hydrogen target. The polar and azimuthal angular distribution parameters have been extracted over the kinematic range 4.5<mμμ<15GeV/c2 (excluding the Υ resonance region), 0<pT<4GeV/c, and 0<xF<0.8. The p+p angular distributions are similar to those of p+d, and both data sets are compared with models which attribute the cos2 distribution either to the presence of the transverse-momentum- dependent Boer-Mulders structure function h1 or to QCD effects. The data indicate the need to include QCD effects before reliable information on the Boer-Mulders function can be extracted. The validity of the Lam-Tung relation in p+p Drell-Yan data is also tested.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number182001
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number18
StatePublished - May 7 2009


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Zhu, L. Y., Peng, J. C., Reimer, P. E., Awes, T. C., Brooks, M. L., Brown, C. N., Bush, J. D., Carey, T. A., Chang, T. H., Cooper, W. E., Gagliardi, C. A., Garvey, G. T., Geesaman, D. F., Hawker, E. A., He, X. C., Isenhower, L. D., Kaplan, D. M., Kaufman, S. B., Klinksiek, S. A., ... Young, G. R. (2009). Measurement of angular distributions of Drell-Yan dimuons in p+p interactions at 800GeV/c. Physical review letters, 102(18), [182001].