Nuclear receptors (NRs) are critically important in normal and disease physiology. Recent advances have created opportunities to expand our success in NR basic and translational research, but this field lacks a platform to lay the collaborative groundwork for aspiring and upcoming leaders in the field. NR IMPACT (Interdisciplinary Meeting for Progress And Collaboration Together) is a new collaborative group designed specifically for early- and midcareer faculty who study NRs in their many forms. A unique goal of NR IMPACT is to also directly address career challenges for early- and mid-career faculty. NR IMPACT held an inaugural conference in September 2020 and developed a roadmap identifying 5 major structural and science policy challenges facing early- and mid-career faculty. NR IMPACT identified potential best practices, resources needed, and key action items to address these issues. NR IMPACT is a first of its kind cohort dedicated to building a foundation for the scientific and professional growth of investigators studying NRs, and supporting new collaborations that will advance new paradigms in NR biology. Our unique focus on career development will enhance the success of current faculty and remove hurdles for new faculty, creating a robust pipeline of investigators with exciting new ideas to advance NR biology. The growth of NR IMPACT will build a strong peer-mentoring cohort that can be a unique resource for researchers and a prototype peer group for other disciplines.

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StatePublished - Mar 1 2021


  • Early-Career faculty
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  • laboratory management
  • midcareer faculty
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