Kimmswick and Modoc in Context

Brad Koldehoff

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Last investigated some 30 years ago, the Kimmswick Clovis- Mastodon killsite and the Modoc Rockshelter continue to hold key positions in our understanding of early lifeways in North America. In this paper, Kimmswick and Modoc are placed within a regional context by briefly summarizing recent investigations at a series of early sites in adjacent sections of the Middle Mississippi Valley and interior uplands. Lithic data from these sites demonstrate that, while Dalton mobility patterns are strikingly different from those of Clovis, they are strikingly similar to those of Early Archaic groups. This observation along with others supports the notion that Dalton culture marks the emergence of a new more settled lifestyle and is not a continuation of the Paleoindian tradition.
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - 2010


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