ITASK - Intelligent traffic analysis software kit

Minh Triet Tran, Tam V. Nguyen, Trung Hieu Hoang, Trung Nghia Le, Khac Tuan Nguyen, Dat Thanh Dinh, Thanh An Nguyen, Hai Dang Nguyen, Xuan Nhat Hoang, Trong Tung Nguyen, Viet Khoa Vo-Ho, Trong Le Do, Lam Nguyen, Minh Quan Le, Hoang Phuc Nguyen-Dinh, Trong Thang Pham, Xuan Vy Nguyen, E. Ro Nguyen, Quoc Cuong Tran, Hung TranHieu Dao, Mai Khiem Tran, Quang Thuc Nguyen, Tien Phat Nguyen, The Anh Vu-Le, Gia Han Diep, Minh N. Do

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution


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Computer Science