Isolation of Nuclei from Protozoa and Algae

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This chapter focuses on techniques for the mass isolation of nuclei from protozoa and algae. For each cell type discussed in the chapter, information is given on the nuclear-isolation technique as well as on the properties of the isolated nuclei. For each isolation method presented, the methods used for growth and harvesting of the cells involved are also included. Successful application of a particular isolation method depends to some degree on the conditions used for cell growth. In this study, the ease and degree of breakage of the tough outer pellicle of Euglena gracilis depends on the growth medium used. The chapter specifies that certain makes of instruments can be used in developing a particular isolation method. Actual instruments so specified are included in the chapter to serve as guides to successful use of the cited method. Methods presented in the chapter were chosen from the literature on the basis that they were published with microscopic evaluations (light, phase-contrast, or electron microscope) of the purity and intactness of the final nuclear pellet.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1976

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