Islamic Movements

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Broadly “Islamic movements” refer to the diverse religious trends in the Muslim world that want to reorganize society with reference to Islam. The complex and multifaceted nature of the phenomenon has stirred multiple designations, including “Islamic radicalism,” “fundamentalism,” “revivalism” or “resurgence,” “Islamic activism,” and “political Islam,” each stressing particular aspects of these movements. Thus, “fundamentalism” highlights the scripturist essentialism, pointing to the traditionalism of the movements, or a belief in the exclusive possession of a unique truth. “Revivalism” and “resurgence” underline the religious at the expense of the political content of these movements, and “Islamic activism” is intended to account for the inclusion of various types of activities—political, social, and cultural—that emerge under the rubric of Islamic movement.
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StatePublished - Jan 14 2013


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