Infinite-state model checking of LTLR formulas using narrowing

Kyungmin Bae, José Meseguer

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The linear temporal logic of rewriting (LTLR) is a simple extension of LTL that adds spatial action patterns to the logic, expressing that a specific instance of an action described by a rewrite rule has been performed. Although the theory and algorithms of LTLR for finite-state model checking are well-developed [2], no theoretical foundations have yet been developed for infinite-state LTLR model checking. The main goal of this paper is to develop such foundations for narrowing-based logical model checking of LTLR properties. A key theme in this paper is the systematic relationship, in the form of a simulation with remarkably good properties, between the concrete state space and the symbolic state space. A related theme is the use of additional state space reduction methods, such as folding and equational abstractions, that can in some cases yield a finite symbolic state space.


  • Infinite-state systems
  • LTLR
  • Model checking
  • Narrowing

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