Greenhouse-gas-induced climatic change: a critical appraisal of simulations and observations

M. E. Schlesinger

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Presents the results of a workshop held to critically appraise simulations and observations for assessment of climatic change resulting from greenhouse gases. Thirty-five chapters are divided into 5 sections, addressing the following topics: validation of how good climatic models are for simulation of present and past climates; assessment of climatic change predictions from climatic model projections; observations of climatic change from 1850 to 1989; assessment of forces driving variations in the observed climatic record; comparison of model simulations and observations to evaluate whether a greenhouse-gas-induced climatic change has been detected. The concluding section contains reports of the three working groups on observations, model simulations, and greenhouse signal detection. Individual chapters, from this publication are also abstracted separately. -N.Davey

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationGreenhouse-gas-induced climatic change
Subtitle of host publicationa critical appraisal of simulations and observations
PublisherElsevier; Developments in Atmospheric Science, 19
ISBN (Print)0444883517, 9780444883513
StatePublished - 1991

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