GPU Computing Gems Jade Edition

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GPUs are designed to be parallel, having hundreds of cores versus traditional CPUs. Increasingly, GPU power can be leveraged for many computationally intense applications, not just for graphics. For developers facing the challenge of programming systems that effectively use massively parallel GPUs to achieve efficiency and performance goals, GPU Computing Gems provides a wealth of tested, proven GPU techniques. Each volume covers a carefully-selected subset of vertical domains where researchers depend upon general purpose GPU computing. These latest GPU techniques offer developers the opportunity to gain insights and apply others' algorithms to their own projects. GPU Computing Gems: Jade Edition covers the critical core areas of climate research, green (energy efficient) computing, finance, game development, data analysis, reusable libraries, and more. Offers hands-on, proven techniques for general purpose GPU programming from leading researchers and developers One of few resources available that distills the best practices of the community of CUDA programmers; each chapter provides students and professionals with insights and ideas as well as 'hands on' skills Material applicable and of interest across industry, including finance, medicine, imaging, engineering, gaming, environmental science, and more.

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PublisherElsevier Inc.
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2012
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