External Correlates of Adult Digital Problem-Solving Behavior: Log Data Analysis of a Large-Scale Assessment

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Using the action sequence data (i.e., log data) from the problem-solving in technology-rich environments assessment on the 2012 Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies survey, the current study examines the associations between adult digital problem-solving behavior and several demographic and cognitive variables. Action sequence features extracted using multidimensional scaling (Tang, Wang, He, Liu, & Ying, 2019) and sequence-to-sequence autoencoders (Tang, Wang, Liu, & Ying, 2019) were used to predict test-taker external characteristics. Features extracted from action sequences were consistently found to contain more information on demographic and cognitive characteristics than final scores. Partial least squares analyses further revealed systematic associations between behavioral patterns and demographic/cognitive characteristics.
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StatePublished - Mar 28 2021

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