Experimental studies of wing wall mixing control

W. C. Maxwell, M. Demissie

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Detailed velocity traverses are presented for shallow submerged slot jets without lateral confinement. With wing-walls in place maximum velocities and temperatures were traced for both unheated and heated discharges. These tests were repeated for various wing-wall crest elevations and wing-wall lengths. For the wing-wall tests a typical Reynolds number based on slot width was 400,000 and a typical densimetric Froude number based on slot width was 40. Some flow combinations were found to be unstable and tests were conducted to delineate the limits of stability. The tests demonstrate that flow patterns may be controlled using controlled flow over wing-wall crests. A simple design procedure making use of the data is illustrated.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalIll Univ Water Resour Cent Res Rep
Issue number110
StatePublished - Feb 1976

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