Evaluation of a point-of-care benchtop analyzer for quantitative measurement of C-reactive protein in canine serum and plasma

Sara L Connolly, Phil Solter, Joo Hoo Don, Kim Hyun Jeong, Peter D Constable

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Background: Canine C-reactive protein (cCRP) is an acute-phase protein that increases dramatically with inflammation and has potential utility in monitoring disease progression and response to treatment. Rapid, automated point-of-care test (POCT) formats could enhance the clinical utility of cCRP measurement. Objectives: We aimed to evaluate the VetChroma canine-specific POCT assay for the quantitative measurement of cCRP in canine serum or plasma. Methods: Serum and plasma from discarded canine diagnostic samples were used. Evaluation included intra- and inter-assay coefficients of variation and observed total error (TEobs), linearity and spike recovery, the effect of interfering substances and sample matrices, and a method comparison study. Results: Intra-assay variation ranged from 2.5%–6.1%, and inter-assay variation ranged from 2.1%–5.4%. The TEobs ranged from 15.1%–19.7%. The assay was linear over the manufacturer's analytical range with no evidence of constant or proportional bias. Recovery of purified cCRP from canine serum ranged from 116.2% to 138.4%. Hemolysis, icterus, and turbidity did not interfere with the assay. The comparison of paired plasma and serum samples revealed constant and proportional bias. Comparison of the VetChroma cCRP assay to a commercial cCRP ELISA revealed significantly different results. Conclusions: The VetChroma cCRP assay has acceptable test performance to measure serum cCRP concentration. The POCT protocol and test kit are valid for clinical use, although results obtained using other cCRP assays or plasma may not be directly compared.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalVeterinary Clinical Pathology
StateAccepted/In press - 2022


  • C-reactive protein, dogs, inflammation, method comparison, point-of-care

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