Equivalent linear dynamic response analysis of geosynthetics lined landfills

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U.S. federal regulations require that municipal solid-waste landfills located in seismic impact zones, which encompass nearly half of the continental United States, be designed to resist earthquake loading. To evaluate the seismic performance/deformation of the containment structures, the seismic response of the waste repository must be evaluated. Conventional site response analyses use 1-D wave propagation without consideration of the required composite liner system installed at the base of the waste that usually contains geosynthetics. This results in high levels of acceleration being propagated through the landfill. Yegian et al (1998) proposed the use of an equivalent layer to account for the stiffness and damping characteristics of the liner. This paper describes a parametric study of the response of geosynthetics lined landfills to seismic shaking using a one-dimensional equivalent linear wave propagation approach. The study focuses on the effects of a) the geosynthetics liner, b) ground motion frequency content, c) ground motion scaling, and d) thickness of the underlying soil. The paper raises issues relevant to engineers involved in the seismic design of landfills and in their assessment of their performance during a seismic event.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2001
EventGeosynthetics Conference 2001 - Oregon, United States
Duration: Feb 12 2001Feb 14 2001


ConferenceGeosynthetics Conference 2001
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