Episodic memory retrieval is impaired in negative schizotypy under fast response deadline

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Schizotypy offers a useful, multidimensional framework for understanding the development and expression of schizophrenia-spectrum psychopathology. Nonclinically ascertained young adults who endorse positive and negative schizotypy traits exhibit similar, albeit milder, versions of the symptoms and impairment seen in schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. Previous studies have demonstrated that negative, but not positive, schizotypy is associated with impairment in free-recall, recognition, and source memory. Furthermore, these deficits appear to result from context processing deficits in negative schizotypy. However, neither positive nor negative schizotypy were associated with variation in the set size effect. The present study further examined the association with set-size effect under fast and slow response deadlines across the schizotypy continuum. We replicated the finding that the set size effect was invariant across both positive and negative schizotypy dimensions. However, negative schizotypy was associated with poorer overall recall, and the negative schizotypy by response deadline interaction revealed that negative schizotypy was differentially impaired by the speeded responding in overall memory. Despite instructions to guess on the cued-recall task, negative schizotypy was associated with increased likelihood of omission errors (failing to produce a response), whereas positive schizotypy was associated with decreased omission errors. The findings provide further support for the multidimensional model of schizotypy and previous findings that negative schizotypy is associated with impaired retrieval, especially under fast response deadlines.

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StatePublished - Nov 2018


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