Energy loss versus shadowing in the Drell-Yan reaction on nuclei

M. B. Johnson, B. Z. Kopeliovich, B. Z. Kopeliovich, B. Z. Kopeliovich, I. K. Potashnikova, I. K. Potashnikova, P. L. McGaughey, J. M. Moss, J. C. Peng, G. Garvey, M. Leitch, C. N. Brown, D. M. Kaplan, D. M. Kaplan

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We present a new analysis of the E772 and E866 experiments on the nuclear dependence of Drell-Yan (DY) lepton pair production resulting from the bombardment of 2H, Be, C, Ca, Fe, and W targets by 800 GeC/c protons at Fermilab. We employ a light-cone formulation of the DY reaction in the rest frame of the nucleus, where the dimuons detected at small values of Bjorken x2≪1 may be considered to originate from the decay of a heavy photon radiated from an incident quark in a bremsstrahlung process. We infer the energy loss of the quark by examining the suppression of the nuclear-dependent DY ratios seen as a function of projectile momentum fraction x1 and dimuon mass M. Shadowing, which also leads to nuclear suppression of dimuons, is calculated within the same approach employing the results of phenomenological fits to deep inelastic scattering data from HERA. The analysis yields -dE/dz = 2.73±0.37±0.5 GeV/fm for the rate of quark energy toss per unit path length, a value consistent with theoretical expectations including the effects of the inelastic interaction of the incident proton at the surface of the nucleus. This is the first observation of a nonzero energy loss effect in such experiments.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number025203
Pages (from-to)252031-2520321
Number of pages2268291
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 2002
Externally publishedYes

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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    Johnson, M. B., Kopeliovich, B. Z., Kopeliovich, B. Z., Kopeliovich, B. Z., Potashnikova, I. K., Potashnikova, I. K., McGaughey, P. L., Moss, J. M., Peng, J. C., Garvey, G., Leitch, M., Brown, C. N., Kaplan, D. M., & Kaplan, D. M. (2002). Energy loss versus shadowing in the Drell-Yan reaction on nuclei. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 65(2), 252031-2520321. [025203].