Endometrial glycogen metabolism on days 1 and 11 of the reproductive cycle in dairy cows

Kassandra Sandoval, Malia D. Berg, Anne R. Guadagnin, Felipe C. Cardoso, Matthew Dean

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Embryos need glucose or fructose to remain viable; however, it is not well understood how secretion of these carbohydrates is regulated. This study was conducted to evaluate endometrial glycogen and associated enzymes on Days 1 and 11 of the estrous cycle (Day 0 = behavioral estrus) in cattle. Diastase-liable periodic acid–Schiff (PAS) staining of luminal epithelia decreased 81 % between Days 1 and 11. Similarly, glycogen content of glandular epithelia was 66 % less on Day 11 than Day 1. There was dense PAS staining in the lumen of some glands, and this staining was removed when there was pretreatment with diastase. Based on western blot results, there was no difference in glycogen metabolizing enzymes between Days 1 and 11. Results from conducting immunohistochemistry procedures indicated hexokinase 1 was more abundant in the epithelial cells than stroma, but immunostaining was not different between Day 1 and 11. In contrast, phospho-glycogen synthase was undetectable on Day 1 but was present in glandular epithelia on Day 11. Glycogen synthase was localized to the epithelia, and was in larger abundance on Day 1. The abundance of glycogen phosphorylase was greater in the epithelium than stroma and on Day 11 than 1. Furthermore, glucose-6-phosphatase 3 was more abundant in the epithelium on both Days 1 and 11. In conclusion, in the uterus of cattle glycogen is stored in a reproductive cycle-dependent manner. Glucose released from endometrial glycogen stores could potentially be utilized by the endometrium or secreted into the uterine lumen.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number106827
JournalAnimal reproduction science
StatePublished - Oct 2021


  • Bovine
  • Glucose metabolism
  • Glucose-6-phosphatase
  • Glycogen
  • Histotroph
  • Uterus

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