Eliminating redundant entries in bibliographic records

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According to AACR2 21.4D1 and 21.4D3 for works by heads of state, other high government officials, popes, and other high ecclesiastical officials, catalogers are to enter a person's personal heading and a person's corporate heading as main entry and added entry in the same bibliographic record. Entering both a person's personal and corporate headings in the same bibliographic record leads to the retrieval of identical sets where a person is represented in the catalog in both an official and a private capacity. This paper proposes to eliminate redundant entries in bibliographic records in order to help users find resources by heads of state (etc.) through the authority structure of the catalog.

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JournalLibrary Collections, Acquisition and Technical Services
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StatePublished - Dec 2005


  • AACR2 21.4D1
  • AACR2 21.4D3
  • Head of state
  • Redundant entries

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