Electrochemical surface modification thin films, functionalization and characterization

Richard C. Alkire, Dieter M. Kolb, Jacek Lipkowski, Philip N. Ross

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In this topical volume, the authors provide in-depth coverage of the vital relationship between electrochemistry and the morphology of thin films and surfaces. Clearly divided into four major sections, the book covers nanoscale dielectric films for electronic devices, superconformal film growth, electrocatalytic properties of transition metal macrocycles, and the use of synchrotron techniques in electrochemistry. All the chapters offer a concise introduction to the relevant topic, as well as supplying numerous references for easy access to further reading and the original literature. The result is must-have reading for electrochemists, physical and surface chemists and physicists, as well as materials scientists and engineers active in the field of spectroscopic methods in electrochemistry.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages346
ISBN (Electronic)9783527625307
ISBN (Print)9783527314195
StatePublished - Oct 30 2008

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  • General Chemistry


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