Efficacy of plastic pot scrubbers as a replacement for roughage in high-concentrate cattle diets.

S. C. Loerch

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Effects of plastic pot scrubbers on feedlot performance and ruminal metabolism of steers fed all-concentrate diets were determined. In Trial 1, 31 crossbred steers (means initial BW, 290 kg) were penned and fed individually. Treatments were 1) 85% concentrate-15% corn silage diet, 2) 100% concentrate diet, and 3) 100% concentrate diet + ruminal insertion of eight plastic pot scrubbers per steer. During the first 112 d of the trial, steer ADG did not differ (P greater than .10) due to treatment. From d 113 to 152, steers provided with pot scrubbers had 16% greater ADG than those fed the 100% concentrate diet without pot scrubbers (P = .18). In Trial 2, 78 crossbred steers (means initial BW, 315 kg) were penned individually and fed the diets used in Trial 1. Steers fed the 100% concentrate diet received zero, four or eight pot scrubbers. From d 113 to 167, steers provided with four or eight pot scrubbers or fed the 85% concentrate diet had greater (P less than .10) gains than steers fed the 100% concentrate diet without pot scrubbers. In Trial 3, 120 steers (means initial BW, 286 kg) were grouped in 12 pens and limit-fed an all-concentrate diet for 84 d. Sixty steers were provided with six pot scrubbers each. Performance was not affected (P greater than .10) by the use of pot scrubbers during the 84-d growing phase. During the subsequent 84-d finishing phase, half the steers receiving each treatment were switched to either an 85% concentrate-15% corn silage or an 100% concentrate diet offered for ad libitum consumption.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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JournalJournal of animal science
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 1991
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