Effects of fines in gravel bed streams behavior.

P. Diplas, Gary Parker

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Discusses a recirculating flume study on the effects on adding fines to a gravel bed stream model. Parameters monitored are bed shear stress, slope amount and size of fines. Results of bed sampling and flow visualization are discussed. The pavement appears to be a mobile bed phenomenen. Bursting very close to the bed seems to account for the sporadicity of the motion of bed load grains. When fines are introduced, the bed load varies according to the concentration of fines accumulated in the bed. The initial effect is reduction of mobility of grains in the pavement. Later the bed load rate increases as coarse particles move easily over a surface rendered smooth by crevice filling. (C.J.U.)

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PublisherAm.Soc. Civ. Engrs
ISBN (Print)0872624099, 9780872624092
StatePublished - 1984
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