E-book usage in an academic library: User attitudes and behaviors

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This paper presents the results of a large scale survey designed to investigate usage patterns and library patron attitudes toward e-books. The survey reveals a university community's discovery and knowledge of e-books, their likes and dislikes about book content in electronic format as opposed to print, and their predictions of how they will use electronic and print book materials in the future. The survey shows that acceptance of e-books has reached a level where they have become an important library service. The results, based on a study conducted in collaboration with Springer, break down e-book awareness and attitudes into faculty, graduate student, and undergraduate student constituent groups. Additionally, statistics are presented to complement the survey results by showing that the usage of e-book content at the University of Illinois is increasing at a rapid pace.11The author wishes to thank William H. Mischo and Sharif Islam for their invaluable assistance in managing and querying the survey dataset.

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JournalLibrary Collections, Acquisition and Technical Services
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StatePublished - 2009

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