Domain of aspectual interpretation

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Thompson (2006) argues for a syntactic account of telicity in which DPs and PPs check a [bounded] feature at an AspP projection above vP to create a telic predicate. I provide evidence for an AspP projection between vP and VP and argue that AspP and everything AspP dominates defines a domain of aspectual interpretation, a syntactic space within which elements must be located in order to affect the telicity of a predicate. I provide data showing that elements above AspP cannot affect aspectual interpretation. These data pose a serious problem for Thompson's account.

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JournalLinguistic Inquiry
Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 2008
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  • Bare plurals
  • External arguments
  • Goal PPs
  • Inner aspect
  • Internal arguments
  • Location PPs
  • Mass nouns
  • Telicity

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