Differentially algebraic gaps

Matthias Aschenbrenner, Lou Van Den Dries, Joris Van Der Hoeven

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H-fields are ordered differential fields that capture some basic properties of Hardy fields and fields of transseries. Each H-field is equipped with a convex valuation, and solving first-order linear differential equations in H-field extensions is strongly affected by the presence of a "gap" in the value group. We construct a real closed H-field that solves every first-order linear differential equation, and that has a differentially algebraic H-field extension with a gap. This answers a question raised in [1]. The key is a combinatorial fact about the support of transseries obtained from iterated logarithms by algebraic operations, integration, and exponentiation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)247-280
Number of pages34
JournalSelecta Mathematica, New Series
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jun 2005


  • Fields of transseries
  • H-fields

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  • General Mathematics
  • General Physics and Astronomy


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