Designing a Clinical Ethics Education Program for Nurses Based on the ADDIE Model

Sanghee Kim, Soyoung Choi, Minjeong Seo, Doo Ree Kim, Kyunghwa Lee

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Background and Purpose: The ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) model enables educators to create programs using a systematic approach designed to meet learner's needs. The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate a clinical ethics education program for nurses to improve their ethical confidence, ethical competence, and moral sensitivity. Methods: The study was conducted in three steps. In the first step, a seven-session ethics program was developed using the ADDIE model. The themes of each session were as follows: (a) sharing individual ethical issues in clinical settings; (b) understanding a process involved in ethical decision-making; (c) identifying ethical issues in end-of-life care; (d) identifying ethical issues in family caregiving; (e) learning communication skills; (f) developing ethical leadership skills; and (g) reflecting to build self-awareness of the significance of practicing clinical ethics. The second step involved the delivery of the program. In the third step, using a mixed methods design, the effects of the program were evaluated through a quantitative survey administered both before and after completion of the program and focus group interviews. Results: The seven-session ethics program based on the ADDIE model improved ethical confidence, ethical competence, and moral sensitivity in nurses. Implications for Practice: The ADDIE model can be an effective tool in nursing education, offering an established structure for developing educational programs. In order to validate the effectiveness of the ethics program, it is necessary to conduct repeated measure studies and further studies at the institutional level.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)205-222
Number of pages18
JournalResearch and theory for nursing practice
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2020
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  • ADDIE model
  • clinical
  • ethics
  • mixed methods

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