Design and development of a variable ground clearance, variable wheel track self-leveling hillside vehicle power chassis (V2-HVPC)

Qiaoming Gao, Feng Gao, Lei Tian, Liujun Li, Nenggen Ding, Guoyan Xu, Dawei Jiang

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This paper presents a design of hillside vehicle power chassis with the balance rocker suspension mechanism. The objective of design is to achieve a variable ground clearance, variable wheel track and self-leveling chassis adapted to the various types of crop grown ridge section and height. The V2-HVPC design consists of the main body, the balance rocker suspension, two driving axles and the steering system. Those assemblies form an H-type chassis structure where both sides of the driving axle and the main body are connected to power transmission. The ground clearance and wheel track have the adjustable function. The balance rocker suspension is a novel mechanism which ensures full-time four-wheel drive in a complex road environment while maintaining the main body level always in the angle bisector of the two driving axle. According to the hillside terrain and agronomic characteristics of various crops, the ground clearance and the wheel track can be adjusted continuously and smoothly by hydraulic system. The topology diagram and power transmission system diagram are all given correspondingly. Moreover simulation analysis and basic experiments have been carried out to verify the mobility and dynamic performance of the V2-HVPC. The results show that the concept of V2-HVPC is approved reasonable and the design and testing methods are feasible and practical.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)77-90
Number of pages14
JournalJournal of Terramechanics
StatePublished - Dec 2014



  • Balance rocker suspension
  • H transmission
  • Terramechanics
  • Variable ground clearance
  • Variable wheel track

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  • Mechanical Engineering

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