The development of DEPEND, an integrated simulation environment for the design and dependability analysis of fault-tolerant systems, is described. DEPEND models both hardware and software components at a functional level, and allows automatic failure injection to assess system performance and reliability. It relieves the user of the work needed to inject failures, maintain statistics, and output reports. The automatic failure injection scheme is geared toward evaluating a system under high stress (workload) conditions. The failures that are injected can affect both hardware and software components. To illustrate the capability of the simulator, a distributed system which employs a prediction-based, dynamic load-balancing heuristic is evaluated. Experiments were conducted to determine the impact of failures on system performance and to identify the failures to which the system is especially susceptible.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages6
StatePublished - Dec 1 1990
Event9th Digital Avionics Systems Conference - Virginia Beach, VA, USA
Duration: Oct 15 1990Oct 18 1990


Other9th Digital Avionics Systems Conference
CityVirginia Beach, VA, USA

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    Goswami, K. K., & Iyer, R. K. (1990). DEPEND: A design environment for prediction and evaluation of system dependability. 87-92. Paper presented at 9th Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Virginia Beach, VA, USA, .