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A description is given of a conversational mode speech understanding system which enables its user to make airline reservations and obtain timetable information through a spoken dialogue. The system is structured as a three-level hierarchy consisting of an acoustic work recognizer, a syntax analyzer and a semantic processor. The semantic level controls an audio response system making two-way speech communication possible. The system is highly robust and operates on-line in a few times real time on a laboratory minicomputer. The speech communication channel is a standard telephone set connected to the computer by an ordinary dialed-up line.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2017
EventProc of the Can Man Comput Commun Conf, 7th - Waterloo, Ont, USA
Duration: Jun 10 1981Jun 12 1981


ConferenceProc of the Can Man Comput Commun Conf, 7th
CityWaterloo, Ont, USA

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    Levinson, S. E. (2017). CONVERSATIONAL MODE SPEECH UNDERSTANDING SYSTEM.. 193-196. Paper presented at Proc of the Can Man Comput Commun Conf, 7th, Waterloo, Ont, USA, .