Concurrent science and engineering approach to decision support for controlled environment plant production

K. C. Ting

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Plant based engineering systems have evolved from simple structures for plant protection to sophisticated forms for optimizing the productivity of plants and human labor. In developing decision support to aid in the analysis of such complex systems, an automation-culture-environment orient systems (ACE SYS) analysis concept has been proposed. The ACESYS concept has been used in guiding the processes of object-oriented analysis, design, and programming in the development of computerized systems analysis tools. The implementation of these systems analysis tools accompanied by information gathering interfaces on the internet enables the decision support functions to be made available in a real-time fashion. This concurrent science and engineering platform is expected to encourage a broad user participation and an effective information integration. A decision support system for biomass production within advanced life support systems (for human exploration of space) is presented in this paper as an example.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationInternational Symposium on Design and Environmental Control of Tropical and Subtropical Greenhouses
PublisherInternational Society for Horticultural Science
Number of pages9
ISBN (Print)9789066059054
StatePublished - Jun 30 2002

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NameActa Horticulturae
ISSN (Print)0567-7572


  • Biomass production
  • Computer modeling
  • Information technology
  • Systems analysis

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