Comparison of the semen characteristics of Fengjing, Meishan and Yorkshire boars

R. W. Gerfen, B. R. White, M. A. Cotta, M. B. Wheeler

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Semen characteristics of Chinese Fengjing, CHinese Meishan and American Yorkshire boars were examined. Samples were collected from 24 boars: 6 Fengjing, 12 Meishan and 6 Yorkshire. Three semen characteristics and 6 biochemical evaluations of semen or seminal plasma were analyzed. The whole semen parameters measured were gelatinous (gel) and gel-free volume and progressive motility. Fengjing boars were higher in gel volume than Meishan (P < 0.05) but not Yorkshire boars (P > 0.25), while Yorkshire boars were higher than Meishan boars in gel volume (P < 0.10). The gel-free volume was higher in Yorkshire and Fengjing boars than Meishan boars (P < 0.10), but Fengjing gel-free volumes did not differ from Yorkshire gel-free volumes (P > 0.80). However, the only difference detected for progressive motility was between Fengjing and Meishan boars (78.5 vs 74.5%; P < 0.10). Sperm concentration was higher in Meishan than Yorkshire boars (P < 0.01) although these breeds did not differ from Fengjing boars (P > 0.18). The biochemical messurements made were fructose, galactose, inositol, total carbohydrate and total protein in seminal plasma and pH in gel-free semen. Fengjing boars had higher concentrations of galactose in seminal plasma than Meishan or Yorkshire boars (P < 0.05), while Meishan seminal plasma had higher galactose concentrations than Yorkshire seminal plasma (P < 0.10). Fructose, inositol and total carbohydrate concentrations were all higher in Fengjing and Meishan seminal plasma than Yorkshire seminal plasma (P < 0.05). Fengjing seminal plasma had higher levels of inositol than Meishan seminal plasma (769 vs 566 mg/100 ml; P < 0.10). Furthermore, Fengjing and Meishan semen had similar fructose and total carbohydrate concentrations (P > 0.80). The pH level and total protein concentration did not differ among the 3 breeds (P > 0.30). This study indicated that breed differences were detected for several seminal parameters, although no single breed had consistantly higher values for all the parameters measured.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)461-469
Number of pages9
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 1994


  • boar
  • Chinese pigs
  • semen
  • seminal plasma

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