Community and the Internet

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Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationThe Handbook of Internet Studies
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StatePublished - Apr 27 2011


  • Community versus networked individualism - switching rapidly between social networks
  • Community's feel-good fuzziness - scholars grappling with its definition
  • Future studies of Internet and community - closing the gap that Borgmann identifies
  • Internet and culture - community and the Internet
  • Kendall (2007), existence of each LiveJournal - own personal space suppressing dialogue
  • Mynatt's affordances - quasiphysical construction of virtual place, as communication space
  • Online community oriented towards business interests - more than marketing applications of virtual communities
  • Real communities versus pseudocommunities - "community" kinds of bonds formed
  • Virtual communities, experiencing kinds of conflicts - close community bonds
  • Virtual communities, researchers from - anthropology, communication, linguistics

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