Commercial Agriculture in Tropical Environments

Peter Goldsmith, Avery Cohn

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The tropics are a critical nexus of important environmental services and resources, productive lands that are critical to feeding the planet in years to come, and rural economies beset by disease and malnutrition, and in need of economic development. This special issue synthesizes a series of multidisciplinary dialogues aiming to examine the complex challenge of tropical agricultural systems. The work contained five principle themes: (a) The future of tropical agriculture is vital for developing world economies and the global environment in ways that scholars are still working to characterize. (b) The tropics are highly socioeconomically and environmentally heterogeneous. (c) We expect sociocultural and institutional factors to strongly shape the future of tropical agriculture and the environment. (d) Sustainable tropical agriculture means linking smallholders, the vast bulk of farmers, with commercial agriculture, the vast bulk of agribusiness. (d) Scholarship from the environmental sciences can help to navigate many cross-cutting issues facing sustainable agricultural development.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalTropical Conservation Science
StatePublished - Aug 1 2017


  • agriculture
  • commercial
  • environment
  • multidisciplinary
  • tropical

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  • Ecology
  • Nature and Landscape Conservation


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