Cloud-Based Phrase Mining and Analysis of User-Defined Phrase-Category Association in Biomedical Publications

Dibakar Sigdel, Vincent Kyi, Aiden Zhang, Shaun P. Setty, David A. Liem, Yu Shi, Xuan Wang, Jiaming Shen, Wei Wang, Jiawei Han, Peipei Ping

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The rapid accumulation of biomedical textual data has far exceeded the human capacity of manual curation and analysis, necessitating novel text-mining tools to extract biological insights from large volumes of scientific reports. The Context-aware Semantic Online Analytical Processing (CaseOLAP) pipeline, developed in 2016, successfully quantifies user-defined phrase-category relationships through the analysis of textual data. CaseOLAP has many biomedical applications. We have developed a protocol for a cloud-based environment supporting the end-to-end phrase-mining and analyses platform. Our protocol includes data preprocessing (e.g., downloading, extraction, and parsing text documents), indexing and searching with Elasticsearch, creating a functional document structure called Text-Cube, and quantifying phrase-category relationships using the core CaseOLAP algorithm. Our data preprocessing generates key-value mappings for all documents involved. The preprocessed data is indexed to carry out a search of documents including entities, which further facilitates the Text-Cube creation and CaseOLAP score calculation. The obtained raw CaseOLAP scores are interpreted using a series of integrative analyses, including dimensionality reduction, clustering, temporal, and geographical analyses. Additionally, the CaseOLAP scores are used to create a graphical database, which enables semantic mapping of the documents. CaseOLAP defines phrase-category relationships in an accurate (identifies relationships), consistent (highly reproducible), and efficient manner (processes 100,000 words/sec). Following this protocol, users can access a cloud-computing environment to support their own configurations and applications of CaseOLAP. This platform offers enhanced accessibility and empowers the biomedical community with phrase-mining tools for widespread biomedical research applications.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere59108
JournalJournal of Visualized Experiments
Issue number144
StatePublished - Feb 2019


  • Issue 144
  • Medicine
  • cloud computing
  • data science
  • medical informatics
  • phrase mining
  • text mining

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