Climate change challenges, plant science solutions

Nancy A Eckardt, Elizabeth A Ainsworth, Rajeev N Bahuguna, Martin R Broadley, Wolfgang Busch, Nicholas C Carpita, Gabriel Castrillo, Joanne Chory, Lee R Dehaan, Carlos M Duarte, Amelia Henry, S V Krishna Jagadish, Jane Langdale, Andrew D B Leakey, James C Liao, Kuan-Jen Lu, Maureen C Mccann, John K Mckay, Damaris A Odeny, Eder OlivieiraJ Damien Platten, Ismail Rabbi, Ellen Youngsoo Rim, Pamela C Ronald, David E Salt, Alexandra M Shigenaga, Ertao Wang, Marnin Wolfe, Xiaowei Zhang

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Climate change is a defining challenge of the 21st century, and this decade is a critical time for action to mitigate the worst effects on human populations and ecosystems. Plant science can play an important role in developing crops with enhanced resilience to harsh conditions (e.g., heat, drought, salt stress, flooding, disease outbreaks) and engineering efficient carbon-capturing and carbon-sequestering plants. Here, we present examples of research being conducted in these areas and discuss challenges and open questions as a call to action for the plant science community.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numberkoac303
Pages (from-to)24-66
Number of pages43
JournalPlant Cell
Issue number1
Early online dateOct 12 2022
StatePublished - Jan 2023

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