Chemical freeze-out parameters of net-kaons in heavy-ion collisions

Paolo Alba, Rene Bellwied, Valentina Mantovani-Sarti, Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler, Paolo Parotto, Israel Portillo-Vazquez, Claudia Ratti, Jamie M. Stafford

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We study chemical freeze-out parameters for heavy-ion collisions by performing two different thermal analyses. We analyze results from thermal fits for particle yields, as well as, net-charge fluctuations in order to characterize the chemical freeze-out. The Hadron Resonance Gas (HRG) model is employed for both methods. By separating the light hadrons from the strange hadrons in thermal fits, we study the proposed flavor hierarchy. For the net-charge fluctuations, we calculate the mean-over-variance ratio of the net-kaon fluctuations in the HRG model at the five highest energies of the RHIC Beam Energy Scan (BES) for different particle data lists. We compare these results with recent experimental data from the STAR collaboration in order to extract sets of chemical freeze-out parameters for each list. We focused on particle lists which differ largely in the number of resonant states. By doing so, our analysis determines the effect of the amount of resonances included in the HRG model on the freeze-out conditions. Our findings have potential impact on various other models in the field of relativistic heavy ion collisions.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number121865
JournalNuclear Physics A
StatePublished - Jan 2021


  • Chemical freeze-out
  • Heavy-ion collisions
  • Quark-gluon plasma

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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