Changes in Bumble Bee Community Over Time and Space

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Global bumble bee declines and the recent federal listing of the rusty-patched bumble bee (Bombus affinis) illustrate the need for standardized monitoring programs. Such programs should capture changes in community structure temporally using repeated monitoring efforts. We present the results of 2019 monitoring efforts in Glacial Park and Volo Bog in northern Illinois over 2.5 months from June 10 to August 22. Our primary focus is how early, mid, and late-season surveying efforts contrast in terms of the bumble bee community represented. In addition, we determine how patchiness affects community variation on a local scale during population peaks in August. Our results will provide recommendations for efficiently capturing the full bumble bee community across different habitats.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationMidwest Fish and Wildlife Conference 2020
StatePublished - 2020


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