Challenges of designing, operating, and managing brine extraction at a carbon dioxide storage site

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Developing and deploying commercial-scale carbon dioxide (CO2) storage at a site requires operational strategies to manage pressure and CO2 plume distribution. In the natural gas storage and oil and gas industries, fluid extraction has been successfully implemented as a strategy to manage pressure and control fluid distribution (i.e., hydrocarbon recovery and natural gas storage efficiency, respectively). The technical challenges of integrating brine extraction at CO2 storage sites are expected to be similar, if not identical, to those in the natural gas storage and petroleum industries. Major technical challenges of using brine extraction to manage storage in a storage unit include (1) designing and completing the brine extraction wells, (2) locating the brine extraction well, (3) assessing the efficacy of brine extraction, and (4) handling the extracted brine. The design and completion of the brine extraction well include the well type (i.e., vertical or horizontal) and perforated interval. The location of the well is influenced by the timing of extraction operations (i.e., prior or after CO2 injection starts) and project objectives (i.e., desired directional movement of the CO2 plume and avoid or minimize CO2 extraction). The efficacy of brine extraction requires a baseline projection of the pressure and CO2 plume distribution. Options for handling extracted brine include subsurface disposal, surface disposal, and industrial use. This paper addresses means of overcoming technical challenges that may likely be encountered before or after CO2 injection starts.

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Article number103354
JournalInternational Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
StatePublished - Jul 2021


  • Brine extraction
  • Brine handling
  • CO storage
  • Plume location
  • Pressure management

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