As a science, entomology is about the pursuit of knowledge; in conducting their science, entomologists are daily involved in ascertaining facts about insects. But entomology is not just for scientists and, in reality, never has been just for scientists. Insect biology has been the inspiration for all manner of human pursuits, including art, literature, music, sports, and many other nonscientific endeavors. Through popular culture, the public constructs its own reality about insects. Because entomologists must function within the limits and according to the dictates of society at large, it is instructive to examine these alternate realities and become familiar with them.

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Title of host publicationEntomology at the Land Grant University: Perspectives from the Texas A&M University Department Centenary
PublisherTexas A&M University Press
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ISBN (Print)1585444328, 9781585444328
StatePublished - 2005

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