Bullet kinematics

Vishnu Nath, Stephen E. Levinson

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A key component that needs an in-depth analysis is the kinematics of the bullet that is being fired. While most bullets would work over a very short range, the difficulty begins to increase exponentially as the distance to the target increases. Even weather-related factors like wind speed and humidity can affect the accuracy of the shot. It is said that a sniper even needs to consider factors like the Coriolis Effect and the curvature of the earth to get an accurate shot. In the experimental setup we created, we did not attempt to snipe people at long range! On the contrary, we used commercially available a NERF™ gun and NERF™ bullets to simulate the firing of the gun and the motion of the bullet. The analysis that is presented in this chapter is for the NERF™ gun and bullet only.

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StatePublished - 2014

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