Biotic Integrity of macroinvertebrate communities along the I-294 corridor

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Sampled macroinvertebrates following ILEPA protocol at 7 sites in August–September 2015 in the I-294 corridor and calculated biotic integrity metrics • Assessed sites based on the Qualitative Stream Habitat Assessment Procedure (SHAP) • Measured physical (width, depth, velocity) and chemical (pH, conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids) characteristics • Habitat assessment showed impairment compared to Illinois reference conditions at all sites • Macroinvertebrate Index of Biotic Integrity rated 6 sites as “Poor” and one as “Fair” ▷▷ Total taxa richness ranged from 10 to 19 across sites ▷▷ 4 of the 7 sites had no EPT (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Trichoptera) taxa ▷▷ No Plecoptera (stoneflies) were collected at any site
Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherIllinois Natural History Survey
StatePublished - Jan 23 2016

Publication series

NameINHS Technical Report 2016 (06)


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