Benchmark of Exchange-Correlation Functionals for High Pressure Hydrogen using Quantum Monte Carlo

Raymond C. Clay, Jeremy B. McMinis, Jeffrey M. McMahon, Carlo Pierleoni, David M. Ceperley, Miguel A. Morales

Research output: Working paper


The ab-initio phase diagram of dense hydrogen is very sensitive to errors in the treatment of electronic correlation. Recently, it has been shown that the choice of the density functional has a large effect on the predicted location of both the liquid-liquid phase transition and the solid insulator-to-metal transition in dense hydrogen. To identify the most accurate functional for dense hydrogen applications, we systematically benchmark some of the most commonly used functionals using Quantum Monte Carlo. By considering several measures of functional accuracy, we conclude that the van der Waals and hybrid functionals significantly out perform LDA and PBE. We support these conclusions by analyzing the impact of functional choice on structural optimization in the molecular solid, and on the location of the liquid-liquid phase transition.
Original languageUndefined
StatePublished - Jan 28 2014


  • cond-mat.mtrl-sci

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