Attitudes of school and public librarians toward combined facilities

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A stratified random sample of Iowa school and public librarians were surveyed to determine their attitude to ward combination school public library facilities. The survey instrument was based on one developed by L. J. Amey and R. J. Smith for a survey of Toronto school and public librarians. Theosophy determined that there was little difference in attitude of Iowa elementary and secondary school librarians to ward combined facilities, nor was there much difference in attitude Of Iowa public librarians serving populations under 2,500 and these serving more than 2,500 to ward combined facilities. School and public librarians did demonstrate statistically significant differences in responses to fifteen of the twenty six state menstruating to combined facilities. Compared10 respondents in the Toronto study, a larger percentage of Iowa public librarians were less concerned about the geographic inconvenience of combined facilities and perceived less duplication resuming from combination. Although a larger percentage of Iowa librarians seemed to see some advantages in combined facilities, both groups indicated some important concerns relating to combined school public libraries.

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JournalPublic Library Quarterly
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StatePublished - Mar 20 1979
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