Assessment validation in the context of high-stakes assessment

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Including the perspectives of stakeholder groups (e.g., teachers, parents) can improve the validity of high-stakes assessment interpretations and uses. How stakeholder groups view high-stakes assessments and their uses may differ significantly from state-level policy officials. The views of these stakeholders can contribute to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the intended assessment interpretations and uses. This article proposes a process approach to validity that addresses assessment validation in the context of high-stakes assessment. The process approach includes a test evaluator or validator who considers the perspectives of five stakeholder groups at four different stages of assessment maturity in relationship to six aspects of construct validity. The tasks of the test evaluator and how stakeholders' views might be incorporated are illustrated at each stage of assessment maturity. How the test evaluator might make judgments about the merit of high-stakes assessment interpretations and uses is discussed.

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JournalEducational Measurement: Issues and Practice
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StatePublished - Mar 2002

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