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A review is made on the progress made by artificial intelligence (AI) over the past seven years. This paper concentrates on AI as it is applied to the problems of libraries and information systems, starting with background information and discussions of the AI literature, AI in the marketplace, and relevant definitions. Points of intersection between AI and information retrieval are identified, and a discussion is given on AI tools, system components, knowledge representation/knowledge bases, learning and user modeling, and cognitive science. A portion of this paper is devoted to expert systems, which is the major category of applications to date. Descriptions of characteristics of expert systems are provided together with examples of their use in reference, cataloging, and as expert online search intermediaries. Finally, a look is provided toward the future of AI in terms of the limits and impacts of AI, roles for the information professional, and probable developments in system design.

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JournalAnnual Review of Information Science and Technology
StatePublished - 1987

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