Archaic Societies: Diversity and Complexity Across the Midcontinent

Thomas E. Emerson, Dale L. McElrath, Andrew C. Fortier

Research output: Book/Report/Conference proceedingBook


An archaic overview. An introduction to the archaic societies of the Midcontinent / Dale L. McElrath, Andrew C. Fortier, and Thomas E. Emerson ; The Eastern Woodlands archaic and the tyranny of theory / Thomas E. Emerson and Dale L. McElrath ; Archaic faunal exploitation in the Prairie Peninsula and surrounding regions of the Midcontinent / Bonnie W. Styles and R. Bruce McMillan ; A regional and chronological synthesis of archaic period plant use in the Midcontinent / Mary L. Simon ; Archaic burial sites in the American Midcontinent / George R. Milner, Jane E. Buikstra, and Michael D. Wiant ; Dalton and the Early Holocene Midcontinent : setting the stage / Brad Koldehoff and John A. Walthall -- Stratigraphic sequences in the archaic period. Archaic prehistory of the Western Ozarks of Southwest Missouri / Jack H. Ray, Neal H. Lopinot, and Edwin R. Hajic ; Dated projectile point sequences from Modoc Rock shelter and applications of assemblage-based analysis / Steven R. Ahler and Brad Koldehoff ; The archaic period in the lower Illinois River basin / Michael D. Wiant, Kenneth B. Farnsworth, and Edwin R. Hajic ; Archaic period chronology in the hill country of Southern Indiana / C. Russell Stafford and Mark Cantin -- The Mississippi River region. The American bottom : an archaic cultural crossroads / Dale L. McElrath ... [et al.] ; Archaic period of East-central Missouri / Joseph L. Harl ; Archaic cultural variation and lifeways in West-central Illinois / David J. Nolan and Richard L. Fishel ; Archaic periods in Eastern Iowa / David W. Benn and Joe B. Thompson -- The Ohio River region and Southeast. The Ohio archaic : a review / Matthew P. Purtill ; Land between the rivers : the archaic period of southernmost Illinois / Brian M. Butler ; Archaic cultures of Western Kentucky / Richard W. Jeffries ; The view from the Southeast / Tristram R. Kidder and Kenneth E. Sassaman -- The Great Lakes. The archaic tradition in Wisconsin / Thomas C. Pleger and James B. Stoltman ; Hunter-gatherer adaptations and alternative perspectives on the Michigan archaic : research problems in context / William A. Lovis ; Defining the archaic in Northern Illinois / Rochelle Lurie, Douglas Kullen, and Scott J. Demel ; At the crossroads and periphery : the archaic archaeological record of Southern Ontario / Christopher Ellis, Peter A. Timmins, and Holly Martelle -- Concluding comments. Concluding thoughts on the archaic occupation of the Eastern Woodlands / Dale L. McElrath and Thomas E. Emerson.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Place of PublicationAlbany, N.Y
PublisherState University of New York Press
ISBN (Print)9781438427010, 1438427018
StatePublished - 2009


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