Antimicrobial Prescribing Practices in Dogs and Cats by Colombian Veterinarians in the City of Medellin

David A. Gómez-Beltrán, David J. Schaeffer, Duncan C. Ferguson, Laura K. Monsalve, David Villar

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This study surveyed the prescribing behavior of Colombian companion animal veterinarians and compared the responses to the current guidelines of the International Society for Companion Animals on Infectious Diseases (ISCAID). A convenience sample of 100 primary-care veterinary practitioners was selected from the city of Medellin. A questionnaire was designed to present hypothetical clinical scenarios regarding prescription choices for systemic antimicrobials. The numbers of veterinarians empirically prescribing a course of systemic antimicrobials for each scenario were— perioperative elective surgeries (86%), superficial pyoderma (90%), lower urinary tract disease (52%), acute hemorrhagic diarrhea (50%), and kennel cough (46%). For urinary tract disease, cultures and susceptibility testing were only performed by half of the respondents, suggesting lower diagnostic standards. In superficial pyoderma cases, cytology was performed in the following percent of cases—0% (24), 20% (30), 40% (17), 60% (11), 80% (8), and 100% (10). Antimicrobials were overprescribed relative to emerging standard for elective surgeries (86%), kennel cough (46%), and acute hemorrhagic diarrhea (50%). Critically important antimicrobials, such as fluoroquinolones, were applied commonly for superficial pyoderma (18%), kennel cough (12%), and lower urinary tract disease in dogs (20%) and cats (26%). In conclusion, antimicrobial prescribing behavior was inconsistent with current guidelines, and antimicrobial use could be improved by appropriate diagnostic steps allowing choice of an optimal antimicrobial drug. Overall, we documented the widespread use of antimicrobials for the treatment of these four common disease conditions.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number73
JournalVeterinary Sciences
Issue number5
StatePublished - Apr 2021


  • Antibacterial drugs
  • Cats
  • Colombia
  • Dogs
  • Survey
  • Systemic therapy

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