Analyzing weather-related construction claims

Osama Moselhi, P. Eng, Khaled El-Rayes

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Adverse weather is considered one of the main factors causing delays and cost overruns on construction projects. These adverse effects often prompt contractors to submit claims for additional time and/or cost on the basis of unexpected weather conditions. The analysis of such claims is a challenging task because of the difficulties associated with quantifying the extent of construction delays caused by adverse weather conditions. This article presents an effective procedure for quantifying the impact of weather conditions on construction productivity, project schedule, and associated delays. The procedure uses a decision support system, named WEATHER, designed to facilitate the analysis of weather-related construction claims. The system has been recently expanded and is currently capable of considering various weather-sensitive construction tasks including: masonry construction, electrical work, outdoor manual and equipment tasks, earthmoving operations, construction of highway base courses and drainage layers, paving operations and general construction. An application example is analyzed to illustrate the use of the WEATHER system and demonstrate its capabilities in providing an objective and impartial analysis of weather-related construction claims.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages8
Specialist publicationCost Engineering (Morgantown, West Virginia)
StatePublished - 2002


  • Claims analysis
  • Construction claims
  • Construction disputes
  • Construction planning and scheduling
  • Construction productivity
  • Highway construction
  • Weather impact

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